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    Exquisite Midnight Sparklers

razzle dazzle

"Razzle Dazzle" Black Diamond Necklace by Arpaia - Click on Picture for more information. 

   Kimberly Arpaia, Designer and GIA Graduate Gemologist, personally selects all gemstones to masterfully create each original design in her Exquisite Midnight Sparklers Collection.  This unique jewelry is exceptional, with each piece carefully handcrafted for beauty, drape, comfort and longevity.   

Here is the place to view luxury black diamond jewelry and more.  Gracefully elegant to dramatically magnificent, black diamonds are divine 

Black Ice Necklace

105 carats of fabulous fancy black diamonds!
For more information about the Black Ice necklace featured above or to custom order your own Black Ice necklace, please click on the above picture or below link:
  It's Here!!!
Fancy Black Diamond Confetti
fancy black diamond confetti necklace
Shown:  54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace (click on picture for more information)
The  Splurge Must Have Forever It Jewelry

The most universally striking duo color compliment, Black & Gold is elite elegance by tradition for all seasons.  Black & Gold accessories create magical fashion.  Fancy Black Diamonds by Arpaia is thrilled to present Fancy Black Diamond Confetti - fanciful, fun, fabulous jewelry created with a dream handmade Black & Gold chain to enhance your most special daytime and evening looks. 


More Marvelously Exciting Jewelry by Arpaia!

Starry Night Fancy Black Diamond Necklace by Arpaia

"Starry Night"

Exceptional step cut rare fancy black diamonds

Exclusive handmade clasp in 18 kt white gold with white diamonds

(click on above picture for more information)

the illusion of

Liquid Black Diamonds

Fancy Black Diamond Necklace

"Rhapsody" Fancy Black Diamond Necklace - Click on picture for more information

  Ultra Sleek and Shimmery - 53.50 carats of hand faceted and polished Fancy Black Diamonds

Closeup Below:  Exclusive Clasp by Arpaia Fine Jewelry (as shown on Rhapsody)

Handmade Barrel Safety Clasp in 18-kt yellow gold with 3.22 carats Natural Fancy Brown Diamonds

  Brown Diamond Clasp

  Midnight Aura Fancy Black Diamond Pendnant Necklace by Robert Lang 

"Midnight Aura"  Black Diamond & Palladium Pendant by Robert Lang 

 Fancy Gray Diamonds 
"Surrender" glam & shimmery natural gray diamond necklace.  
Surrender:  Fancy Gray Diamond Necklace
Click on the above picture for more information about Surrender




 When in the mood, please check out our informational pages

filled with possibly important topics that you might find interesting: 

  Robert Lang and Kimberly Arpaia            A true short story about Kimberly Arpaia, Robert Lang, and

                                                         the very beginnings of Fancy Black Diamonds by Arpaia Fine Jewelry

rosecut black diamonds   About the Images Shown on this Site

    gold filigree clasp with diamonds  The Essence of Fine Shopping: 

                                                                                                                                   Happiness, Pleasure, Beauty, Value ... No Regrets

  black and white diamonds  Diamond Info, including Fancy Black Diamonds of course

  champagne drapery   Gemstone & Pearl Strands by Kimberly Arpaia:

                                                                                                              Graceful Elegance, Delicate Beauty, Luxurious Look, Supple Drape

  lovely  Protection, Care and Cleaning of Fine Jewelry

Black Ice   Black Ice Custom Order and Wish List Information

black diamond confetti  Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Custom Order Information

  Black Rock  Black Rock Custom Order and Wish List Information

   Akoya Pearl Bracelet  More Collections by Kimberly Arpaia:

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Visit online shopping site at www.ArpaiaLang.com.
Please let Kimberly know if there is any black diamond or other gemstone jewelry you desire.
Call by phone at 203-772-4643 or send email by clicking this link: ArpaiaFineJewelry@mac.com.
Kimberly will be thrilled to discuss your wishes and fulfill them if she can.