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About Arpaia Fine JewelryAbout Arpaia Fine Jewelry
The Surprise, Joy and Fruit
Front of Business Card
After wrapping up her trusts and estates law career in 2005, Kimberly Arpaia pursued her passion for gorgeous colored gemstones and fine pearls.  In 2006, Arpaia founded Arpaia Fine Jewerly.  We invite you to view Arpaia's informational jewelry website and various collections at www.ArpaiaFineJewelry.com
One day, now many falls past, a recollection that seems like just yesterday and yet eons ago, Arpaia and her dear friend, mentor, collaborator, former business partner and forever dear colleague, Robert Lang, a Goldsmith and Gemologist, went on one of their many purchasing trips for Arpaia Fine Jewelry in the busy busy world of international gemstone trade shows.  Quite unexpectedly, through a dense crowd from many yards away, they saw flashing beams of sparkling silver radiance.  As they approached closer to the breathtaking bling, they saw their most trusted supplier (and now most honored friend) holding up a strand of what they were about to discover and see for the first time - carats and carats and carats of ultra lush rich midnight fancy black diamonds!  Lang, in a cold sweat from their beauty, told Arpaia she had to buy them.  Trusting Lang as always, Arpaia did (though, as credit was issued for the purchase, Arpaia became so faint and queasy she had to sit down, head in lap - thankfully, ever the good samaritan, Lang fanned Arpaia with brochures they had collected that day until she felt much better; but truth be told, a touch of that queasiness never went away - due to the constant buying of more and more fancy black diamonds). 
On that monumental day, a love affair began.
And, soon thereafter, new life arose: 
Fancy Black Diamonds
by Arpaia Fine Jewelry!
Picture of Arpaia and Lang and Debut Arpaia Fine Jewelry
Robert Lang and Kimberly Arpaia
Debut of Arpaia Fine Jewelry, December 6, 2006
(clearly, as evident here, Kimberly is in desperate need of black diamond jewelry!)
Arpaia Lang 3/2011 - 9/2014
Launch of Arpaia Lang Storefront 9/2011 (now closed)
Kimberly & Robert formalized their partnership with the creation of Arpaia Lang, LLC, in March 2011, and then in September 2011, they opened their retail jewelry salon with attached jewelry design & fabrication studio in New Haven, CT.  Though they lost the lease of their shop in 2014, their love affair with fancy black diamonds continues....
Fancy Black Diamonds at former Arpaia Lang Jewelers, New Haven, CT

Kimberly & Robert at launch party for Arpaia Lang Jewelers