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Black Ice Custom Options and InformationBlack Ice Custom Options and Information

 Black Ice Custom Options

and Interesting Information

 Black Ice on Blue Backgound

The possibilities for your Custom Black Ice are riviting and endless; below are some thoughts to feast your fancy:

*  100 carats of gorgeous black diamonds not enough?  How about 200, 300, 400, 500 carats or more!  The necklace can be made the same length with bigger diamonds or longer with just more diamonds or smaller diamonds.  If you enjoy wearing long layered necklaces, we can use tiny black diamonds for deliciously long Black Ice. 

*  Prefer a different clasp?  We can fabricate a custom clasp for you or attach your favorite style of clasp. 

*  Love the exclusive Arpaia Lang signature clasp but wear yellow gold?  We can make the clasp in 18 karat yellow gold.  We can pack in bigger white diamonds (see Arpaia Lang signature clasp on Starry Night necklace).  If you desire something more dramatic the clasp can be made with hot pink sapphires, or any gemstone of your choice, including a beautiful mix of gems.

*  Just let us know your desires and we will create your Black Ice imagination.

*  Add Custom Black Ice Earrings and Bracelet to enhance your Black Ice Necklace - a smashing combination, and each on its own a singular sensation (hint, hint, think triple strand Black Ice Bracelet with huge faceted black diamonds; oh, my!). 

* Exquisite fancy black diamonds are the Pinnacle of Black Ice.  Arpaia Lang personally selects superior black diamond strands to create these pieces, focusing on gem quality, midnight black color, hand-faceting, high polish, and well matched gemstones.  Rare, glamorous, gem quality fancy black diamonds are paramount.  The overall look must be dazzling and harmonious.  These magnificent strands take years (not months) for the gemstone cutter to collect, match, and complete. 
   Specific Information Regarding the Rare Fancy Black Diamonds in Black Ice:  We purchase gem quality color-enhanced rare black diamonds.  Once mined, almost all high quality naturally-black diamonds undergo high pressure high temperature (HPHT) in the rough to enhance the overall black hue since although they are predominantly black in color they typically contain gray, white and clear streaks or patches.  After heat treatment, these fancy black diamonds are faceted and polished, but they are not subjected to radiation or further treatments or enhancements of any kind.  For a more complete discussion of fancy black diamonds and related diamond information, please click on the following link "The Beauty Behind Fancy Black Diamonds."
   The Differences in Quality and Beauty of Black Diamonds in the Marketplace are Profound.  We select black diamonds that are truly exquisite and rare.  Some "natural," "fancy" and "genuine" black diamonds sold in the marketplace are not naturally-occuring black color diamonds (e.g., they were not mined black diamonds where the diamond's original black color was produced in the earth).  Price is telling; the old adage "you get what you pay for" truly applies to black diamonds.  We pay much much more for rare fancy black diamonds than retail prices for finished more common available irradiated "black" diamond jewelry.  Since the black diamonds we select are rare, we often wait impatient lengths of time to obtain just one strand or even a single stone  possessing the beauty, quality and specifications we seek.  As a result, while we are able to make and sell only one custom Black Ice necklace, there are other less expensive black diamond necklaces more readily available in the marketplace that can be sold in production quantities.  Of course (the good news), the rarity in materials we use allows us to personally design and create each Black Ice piece.  


Black Ice in your stocking?


But the holidays seem so far off,

and you've been so good.

Very good.

You deserve Black Ice,


       *By "now" we really mean to be put on our Wait List now for your custom Black Ice necklace.  The black diamonds we select are exquisite and rare, and as a result, the strands we seek are not readily available, so we are not able to stock in our inventory.  Although usually there is a wait time to obtain the precious gemstones and handmade components we need to complete even just one Black Ice necklace, we will do our very best to achieve your wishes and create your desired custom Black Ice for when you want it.

For More Information or to Custom Order Your Black Ice, please call Arpaia Lang at 1-203-691-5851 or click this link to send an email.  Kimberly & Robert will answer all your questions including pricing and timing, and when you are ready, personally create your dream necklace.

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