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Designer's Riches: Our Most Special PiecesDesigner's Riches
For pricing and purchase information, please contact Kimberly Arpaia by phone 203-772-4643 or email ArpaiaFineJewelry@mac.com.
  STARRY NIGHT fancy black diamond necklace
Starry Night

Starry Night

Starry Night
23-1/4" length.Necklace is supple and flexible so it maintains a really nice soft drape against the body.Closeup step cut fancy black diamonds (diamonds are hand cut and hand polished)Closeup of Exclusive Arpaia Fine Jewelry Signature Clasp in 18 kt White Gold with 2.51 carats round brilliant cut White Diamonds.  Handmade double safety barrel clasp.
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LOOK NO FURTHER! Starry night is the ultimate black diamond necklace. It's got everything just right. Big sensational step cut black diamonds. Big dazzling brilliant white diamonds. 

What makes Starry Night so special? The step cut black diamonds of course. These fancy black diamonds bolt like lightning with silver flashes and shutter with a gob-billion glistening sparkles.

Materials and Specifications of this particular Starry Night Necklace:

- 23-1/4" length single strand necklace.
- 103 total carat weight in a slightly graduated strand of hand faceted and hand polished Fancy Black Diamonds (genuine black diamonds with naturally-occurring black color when mined - after mining the rough black diamonds are processed with HPHT (high pressure/high temperature) to even out their overall vivid black hue - these genuine fancy black diamonds are not irradiated and are not further enhanced by any other treatments - for more detailed information about the fancy black diamonds we use in our designs, click on the left link "The Beauty Behind Fancy Black Diamonds." The Starry Night design is made with alternating center-drilled step cut and semi-round faceted black diamonds. There are 100 step cut black diamonds slightly graduated in size from approximately 5.7 mm to 3.8 mm at widest part (78.15 total carat diamond weight). The 99 semi-round faceted black diamonds are slightly graduated in size from approximately 2.5 mm to 1.6 mm (24.85 total carat diamond weight).
- Exclusive handmade 18 kt White Gold Barrel Plunger-style Double Safety Clasp with 32 brilliant cut round White Diamonds (2.52 total carat diamond weight; select SI1 to VS clarity). The size of the barrel clasp is approximately 9.85 mm wide (not including safety prongs) x 15.56 mm long (not including attachment end rings).
- 2 quantity 14kt White Gold 1 x 2 mm Quad Spacer Beads
- .012" diameter Stringing Wire - black color stainless steel cable wire with nylon coating
- Sterling French Wire 0.8mm.
- 2 quantity 14 kt Palladium White 2mm long crimp tubes (.041" diameter)
- 2 quantity Sterling Wire Guardians
- 2 quantity Sterling 3mm crimp covers

Starry Night Designed and Created by Kimberly Arpaia

***Important Note: Images shown of Starry Night are NOT to scale. Digital images of jewelry are often produced in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality. As a result, this necklace may look bigger in the enlarged images than its actual size.
RAIN fancy gray rough diamond necklace


Closeup Natural Fancy Gray Rough DiamondsCloseup of White Diamond Clasp on Rain Necklace - oxidized silver with 18 kt yellow gold accents.Side view of claspUnder side of clasp in 18 kt yellow gold.
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Ultimately savvy and stunning, Rain is the Bentley of executive diamond necklaces. Two stately silvery shimmering strands of beautifully matched and rare natural fancy gray rough diamonds proclaim understated elegance. The 17-1/2" length is perfect for serious business and most everything else too, enhancing a variety of necklines and fashions. Wear the gorgeous big white diamond clasp in front for full on bling and glamor.

About Fancy Color Diamonds and Rough Diamonds: Diamonds are composed of almost pure carbon atoms. This makes colorless diamonds among the purest of nature's creations. Diamonds are found in all colors. A natural colored diamond is produced by the presence of other elements to the carbon structure ("impurities") such as nitrogen, graphite, and boron, and/or distortions in the crystalline structure. Colored diamonds are exceedingly rare - only 1 in 10,000 mined diamonds is a colored diamond.

The diamond industry distinguishes between diamonds in the normal color range (colorless, near colorless, through light yellow, light brown and light gray) and fancies. Fancies include yellows, browns and grays deep enough in color to be considered attractive as well as other distinct color tints such as greens, blues, pinks, reds, oranges, purples and blacks. Fancy color diamonds are rare, valuable and expensive. The most valued fancy diamonds are the pure tints and colors with intense vivid hues since they are exceedingly rare. Most fancy diamonds are not pure strong colors, but a blend of muted colors.

Rough diamonds are diamonds as mined in their crystaline form uncut and unpolished. The diamonds in Rain are Natural Untreated Fancy Gray Rough Diamonds.

For more general information on diamonds and color, please click on the left link "The Beauty Behind Fancy Black Diamonds."

For information on our strung gemstone jewelry, please click on the left link "About our Pearl & Gemstone Strung Jewelry."

For information pertaining to the cleaning of oxidized silver and foil-back rose cut diamonds, please click on the left link "Protection, Care and Cleaning of Fine Jewelry."

Materials and Specifications of this particular Natural Fancy Gray Rough Diamond Necklace:

- 17-1/2" length women's double strand necklace.
- 196 well matched Natural Untreated Fancy Gray Rough Diamonds; 98 diamonds on each strand. 200 carats total rough diamond weight. Center-drilled irregular-shaped diamonds graduated in size from approximately 8 mm in center to 4.75 mm toward clasp. Predominant varied gray hues with very pretty white and silver tones.
- Handmade double-strand Oval Clasp reminiscent of India style fabricated in oxidized silver with 18kt polished gold filigree backing, accents and safety plunger. In center of clasp is a bezel set ovalish rosecut white diamond with flat sliced top approximately 8.6mm long and 5.25mm wide. Center diamond is foil backed with pure white silver. The large center diamond is surrounded by a triple row of pave set single cut tiny round white diamonds SI-I clarity. The oval clasp is 21.8mm height and 17mm at center width (not including end rings and exposed portion of plunger). It is recommended that the clasp not get wet since the stone is lined with a pure silver foil backing. For more information regarding the care of foil backed gemstones please click on the left link "Protection, Care and Cleaning of Fine Jewelry."
- 19 strand .012" diameter Stringing Wire - clear stainless steel with HiFlex nylon coating.
- Vermeil French Wire 0.8mm
- 4 quantity 14 kt gold Wire Guardians
- 4 quantity handmade 18 kt gold 2mm long crimp tubes (.041" diameter).
- 4 quantity 14 kt gold 3mm crimp covers.

Rain Designed and Created by Kimberly Arpaia

To purchase "Rain,"please contact Kimberly Arpaia by phone at 203-772-4643 or click this link to send a contact email.

***Important Note: Images shown of Rain are NOT to scale. Digital images of jewelry are often produced in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality. As a result, this necklace looks bigger in the enlarged images than its actual size.