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Champagne Drapery
Ethereal Elegance: Soft Gold Diamond Shimmers
Champagne Drapery
Full view graduated champagne diamond necklaceCloseup of artisan-crafted 22 kt gold swirl patternbayonet clasp and fluted accent beadsCloseup champagne diamondsCloseupChampagne Drapery in sprial shape to show its soft, flexible supple drape.
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One of a kind necklace by Kimberly Arpaia.  Fall in love with this Exquisite Midnight Sparkler! Impeccable design, glamorous style, and sophisticated elegance. Luxurious graduated drape of 245 fancy champagne diamonds with stunning touches of 22 karat matte gold. Hand fashioned facets and polish produce a flowing stream of twinkling, shimmering golden sparkle.

The handmade 22 kt gold Bayonet Clasp is a favorite in Arpaia's Empress line with its long slender shape, striking swirl motif, sumptuous 22 kt gold, and flawless function. You can see and feel the fine workmanship. The bayonet style clasp opens and closes with secure precision just by a gentle push in and opposite quarter turn at each end.

About Fancy Color Diamonds:

Diamonds are composed of almost pure carbon atoms. This makes colorless diamonds among the purest of nature's creations. Diamonds are found in all colors. A natural colored diamond is produced by the presence of other elements to the carbon structure ("impurities") such as nitrogen, graphite, and boron, and/or distortions in the crystalline structure. Colored diamonds are exceedingly rare - only 1 in 10,000 mined diamonds is a colored diamond.

The diamond industry distinguishes between diamonds in the normal color range (colorless, near colorless, through light yellow, light brown and light gray) and fancies. Fancies include yellows, browns and grays deep enough in color to be considered attractive as well as other distinct color tints such as greens, blues, pinks, reds, oranges, purples and blacks. Fancy color diamonds are rare and valuable. The most valued fancy diamonds are the pure tints and colors with intense vivid hues since they are exceedingly rare. Most fancy diamonds are not pure strong colors, but a blend of muted colors. The popularly termed "champagne diamond" possesses the elegant, pretty, soft golden colors reminiscent of fine French champagne. These rare gems are called "fancy champagne diamonds."

For more general information on diamonds and color, see "The Beauty Behind Fancy Black Diamonds."

Materials and Specifications of this particular Champagne Diamond Necklace:

- 18-7/8" length single strand necklace
- 245 Hand Faceted and Hand Polished Natural Untreated Fancy Champagne Diamonds - 17.50 carats total diamond weight - Nicely matched strand of Fancy Champagne Diamonds are slightly graduated in size, center-drilled irregular rondelle-shaped beads.
- 22 kt Yellow Gold Handmade Bayonet Clasp with swirl pattern design 20mm long 5mm diameter.
- 12 quantity handmade 22kt Yellow Matte Gold Fluted Beads.
- 2 quantity Handmade 22kt Yellow Gold 1x2.5mm Daisy Spacer Beads.
- 2 quantity 2.4mm 20 gauge 14kt White Gold Jump Rings.
- .012" diameter Stringing Wire - 24kt gold plated stainless steel cable wire with nylon coating.
- Vermeil French Wire 0.8mm.
- 2 quantity 18kt gold handmade 2mm long crimp tubes (.041" diameter).
- 2 quantity 14kt Yellow Gold 3mm crimp covers

Champagne Drapery Designed and Created by Kimberly Arpaia of Arpaia Fine Jewelry

***Important Note: Images shown of the Champagne Drapery Necklace are NOT to scale. Digital images of jewelry are often produced in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality. As a result, this necklace looks bigger in the enlarged images than its actual size.

To purchase "Champagne Drapery," please contact Arpaia Lang by phone at 203-691-5851 or click this link to send a contact email.
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