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Surrender - Natural Gray Diamonds against Off White Background.  Picture taken indoors in natural daylight cloudy conditions.Closeup of natural gray diamonds against off white background.  As with most colored diamonds, these gray diamonds are not pure gray in color but rather a blend of colors.  The closeup shows that within the overall gray hues there are several other colors present, including white, blue, red, purple, orange and other tones.Extreme closeup of a different section of natural gray diamonds against off white background.Another Closeup of Natural Gray Diamonds showing a different section.  Closeup Natural Fancy Gray Diamonds on Lavender Background.  Another Closeup of a different section of Natural Fancy Gray Diamonds on Lavender Background. Closeup of 14 kt White Gold Clasp and Twisted Oval Cable Chain.Extreme Closeup of diamond-shaped 14 kt White Matte Gold Clasp showing brushed satin finish and center round brilliant white diamond (1 point diamond is on each side of clasp).  Picture taken outside on sunny day.
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One of a kind necklace by Kimberly Arpaia.  105 well matched Fancy Gray Diamonds adorn a perfect 17" length necklace with 14 kt white matte gold clasp. The very rare diamond shape cut of the gray diamonds looks smashing with the diamond-shaped clasp in subdued 14kt satin matte white gold and dainty touch of antiqued 14kt white gold twisted oval cable chain along the back. The hand polished fancy diamonds flash with divine displays of luminescent silver, gray and white sparkling light creating a most feminine appealing frosty snow-like shimmering confection along the neckline.

About Fancy Color Diamonds:

Diamonds are composed of almost pure carbon atoms. This makes colorless diamonds among the purest of nature's creations. Diamonds are found in all colors. A natural colored diamond is produced by the presence of other elements to the carbon structure ("impurities") such as nitrogen, graphite, and boron, and/or distortions in the crystalline structure. Colored diamonds are exceedingly rare - only 1 in 10,000 mined diamonds is a colored diamond.

The diamond industry distinguishes between diamonds in the normal color range (colorless, near colorless, through light yellow, light brown and light gray) and fancies. Fancies include yellows, browns and grays deep enough in color to be considered attractive as well as other distinct color tints such as greens, blues, pinks, reds, oranges, purples and blacks. Fancy color diamonds are rare, valuable and expensive. The most valued fancy diamonds are the pure tints and colors with intense vivid hues since they are exceedingly rare. Most fancy diamonds are not pure strong colors, but a blend of muted colors. The diamonds in Surrender are Natural Untreated Fancy Gray Diamonds.

For more general information on diamonds and color, please click on the left link "The Beauty Behind Fancy Black Diamonds."

Materials and Specifications of this particular Fancy Gray Diamond Necklace:

- 17" length single strand necklace.
- 105 Hand Faceted and Hand Polished Natural Untreated Fancy Gray Diamonds - 39.50 carats total diamond weight - slightly graduated in size, center-drilled diamond-shaped beads. Predominant varied gray hues with very pretty white, off white and silver-white tones.
- 14 kt White Matte Gold (brushed satin finish) Cast Clasp. 18.2mm plunger style safety clasp in square diamond shape design with 1 point white diamond in center on each side of clasp (0.02 carat total diamond weight).
- 1.5" 3.0mm 14kt antiqued White Gold twisted oval cable chain.
- 2 quantity Argentium 1x3.5mm Daisy Spacer Beads.
- .010" diameter Stringing Wire - white color stainless steel cable wire with nylon coating.
- Sterling French Wire 0.8mm.
- 2 quantity Argentium 2mm long crimp tubes (.038" diameter).
- 2 quantity Sterling 3mm crimp covers.

Surrender Designed and Created by Kimberly Arpaia

***Important Note: Images shown of Surrender are NOT to scale. Digital images of jewelry are often produced in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality. As a result, this necklace looks bigger in the enlarged images than its actual size.

To purchase "Surrender,"please contact Kimberly Arpaia by phone at 203-772-4643 or click this link to send a contact email.
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