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54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace
54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace
Closeup of tiny hand faceted and polished Fancy Black Diamonds54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace draped on hand display.  Image shot in shaded room without any artificial light.54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace draped on hand display - image shot in artificial light.Closeup handmade 22 karat Gold s-clasp.54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace against festive background.  Diamond confetti is PARTY PERFECT!!!!!  This seductive couture jewelry rocks with fanciful flair when paired with frills and exotic color.
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The 54" length provides versatility to achieve any look and accommodate any neckline. Drape this darling flexible chain two or three times around - leave a dangle of chain from the clasp in front or in back.


For more detailed information about confetti jewelry, please click on the above link pertaining to custom confetti pieces.

As with all confetti pieces, we recommend that this necklace be worn with smooth fabrics. The dangling black diamonds can catch loose threads like lace, knits and similar textures.

Materials and Specifications of this particular Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace:

- 54" overall length (including clasp)
- Single strand chain handwoven in 22 karat yellow gold alloyed in designer color with hint of muted green
- 546 quantity approximately 2mm rounded-shape center-drilled hand-faceted and hand-polished Fancy Black Diamonds. These Fancy Black Diamonds are very rare, very high quality, naturally-occurring black color diamonds. After mined, these genuine black diamonds were high pressure heat treated (HPHT) in the rough to even out the black hue. For a more complete explanation of the fancy black diamonds purchased by Arpaia Fine Jewelry, please click on the link at left titled "The Beauty Behind Fancy Black Diamonds."
- 546 quantity 22 karat yellow gold handmade decorative ball headpins (headpins are the finding used here to fasten the black diamonds to the gold chain)
- 22 karat yellow gold handmade s-clasp with 6 decorative petite twisted wire wreath rings in center (10mm length)

***Important Note: Images shown are NOT to scale. Digital images of jewelry are often produced in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality. As a result, this necklace looks bigger in the enlarged images than its actual size.

To purchase this 54" Fancy Black Diamond Confetti Necklace please contact Kimberly Arpaia, or Click this link to view this necklace on our shopping website www.ArpaiaLang.com. 
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