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Labradorite Silver Flower Earrings
Labradorite Silver Flower Earrings
Labradorite Silver Flower Earrings in hanging position.
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ArpaiaFineJewelry@mac.comScintillating! Labradorite, a most Fascinating and Exquisite Midnight Sparkler bursts with sun-catching color. These Labradorite Silver Flower Earrings provide that needed pop of color or most refreshing everyday look. The beautifully matched Labrodorite gemstones are superbly cut in marquise-shaped low cabochons with extremely high polish to bring out the best colors. The underlying opaque tones are dark to silver gray, blue and golden brown; the brilliant color flashes are predominantly metallic blue with smatterings of metallic yellow, gold, red and violet. This pair has really nice overall sheen and the fine white silver flower accents and faceted beads enhance the subtle gray tones and flashing rich blues. Very sexy.

About Labradorite:

Labradorite was first discovered at the peninsula of Labrador in Canada. The most common variety of Labradorite is a dark opaque feldspar that produces lustrous metallic flashes of color when viewed at certain angles, an optical effect called schiller or labradorescence. The colorful metallic shimmer is caused from light being reflected through the gemstone's lattice distortions. The most typical color exhibited in Labradorite is bright blue. Other colors are green, yellow, red, orange and violet. Spectrolite is a variety of labradorite from Finland that displays the spectral colors most effectively in brilliant peacock hues, butterfly wing colors, or a cat's-eye effect. To bring out a specimen's true colors, Labradorite requires great cutting and polishing skills, and the best colors can be seen in low cabochon cuts.

Materials and Specifications of this particular pair Labradorite Silver Flower Earrings:

-1-7/8" overall length (measured from top of earring wire to bottom of teardrop gemstone).
- Approximately 14 carats total weight matched pair smooth highly polished genuine natural Labradorite gemstone briolettes - low cabochon cut with marquise-shaping. Metallic blue hues predominant.
- Pair handcrafted fine silver (99.9% pure fine white silver) flower earring wires.
- Pair handcrafted fine silver (99.9% pure fine white silver) faceted beads.
- 24 gauge sterling silver wire.
- Earrings designed and created by Kimberly Arpaia of Arpaia Lang

Note: Pictures shot in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality; accordingly earrings looks bigger in enlarged photographs than actual size.

These Labradorite & Fine Silver Flower Dangle Earrings are sold.  For custom gemstone earrings, please contact Kimberly Arpaia by phone at 203-772-4643 or click this link to send email request.
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