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Rainbow Moonstone Silver Necklace
Rainbow Moonstone Silver Necklace
Rainbow moonstones against colorful background.
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Rainbow Moonstones are magical, another favorite in our line of Exquisite Midnight Sparklers!

This dainty Rainbow Moonstone Silver Necklace promises to become one of the most versatile pieces in your jewelry wardrobe. The rainbow moonstone is a chameleon gem: breezy fun panache with casual attire; quaint romantic charm with a sexy black dress or flowing frock; and understated adornment perfect with a power suit. The picture of the gemstone against a colorful painting shows how smashing these gems look with color! Often, jewelry can be too much when worn with busy colorful fabrics. The jewelry must be right and the Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect gemstone - not only does it not take anything away from splendid prints and colors, but it enhances style like only a graceful gem can do.

We personally selected these genuine natural rainbow moonstones for their delicate beauty, subtle shimmer of iridescent color, and fine quality. This sweet necklace feels like a gentle caress - the very lightweight flexible design has a soft feminine drape. And the pairing of rainbow moonstones with pure fine white silver is hypnotic.

About Moonstones and Rainbow Moonstones:

A moonstone is a type of feldspar. It is a transparent stone, typically seen in the colorless, milky white and blue colors, though there are also brown, peach, yellow and other colors of moonstone. The milky white to blue variety is distinguished by a white or blue light within the stone's body. When the moonstone is cut as a cabochon, this billowy light glides across the stone as it is moved. The optical effect is known as adularescence. The moonstone was a sacred stone in India, believed to be moonlight in magical solid form. Even today, moonstone is believed to possess strong protective and healing powers. It is also thought to be good luck for lovers by arousing tender passions. Moonstone is rare and becoming rarer which is why it is an expensive stone and often imitated.

The Rainbow Moonstone is a different type of feldspar than the moonstone and is actually a variety of labradorite. The play of light and color emanating from polished labradorite is truly fetching since the light is reflected back and forth internally within the stone producing lustrous metallic tints called labradorescence or schiller. The schiller of labradorite is often blue and green but can be found in the complete spectrum of colors including orange, yellow and violet. The Madagascar Moonstone, a type of labradorite, is an almost transparent stone with strong blue schiller. The Rainbow Moonstone exhibits the full spectrum of colors, though often the most predominant color is a blue iridescence with very subtle overall schiller. The subtle shimmers of color in the rainbow moonstone are difficult to catch in a still photograph, but are enhanced by movement, which is why the Rainbow Moonstone is particularly pretty worn as jewelry.

Materials and Specifications for this particular Rainbow Moonstone Silver Necklace:

- 20-1/2" length (including length of clasp) single strand necklace.
- 135 Natural Rainbow Moonstones (center drilled rondelle-shaped beads) approximately 4 - 5 mm diameter at widest point. The schiller in these stones produce mostly very subtle glimmers of blue, lavender and violet.
- Handcrafted 99.9% pure fine white silver 14mm round Toggle Clasp with wave pattern.
- Handcrafted 99.9% pure fine white silver tiny slim accent beads (spaced between each moonstone).
- sterling silver stringing wire (.014" diameter)
- sterling silver and argentium silver findings.
- Necklace designed and created by Kimberly Arpaia of Arpaia Fine Jewelry

***Important Note: Images shown of the Rainbow Moonstone Silver Necklace are NOT to scale. Digital images of jewelry are often produced in macro format to show detail, craftsmanship and quality. As a result, the Rainbow Moonstone Necklace may look bigger in the images than its actual size.

Necklace shown sold. Please contact Kimberly Arpaia for custom moonstone necklace or for other gemstone jewelry - various gems, shapes and carats weights available. Kimberly would love the opportunity to design a custom necklace for you based on your desires regarding choice of precious metals, gemstones, components, style and length. Call 203-772-4643 or click this link to send an email inquiry.
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